Close to the oil roads

January – April 2003

Deliberate and indiscriminate attacks against civilians and civilian facilities in a number of locations proximate to planned Gov oil fields all weather access roads in the east of WUN. Gov dry season offensive in Block 5A. Many thousands of civilians were forcibly displaced from their villages. Most villages were emptied or destroyed altogether. Abduction of women and children, gang rapes, ground assaults supported by helicopter gunships, destruction of humanitarian relief sites, and burning of villages.

Perpetrator: GoS-backed militias
Reference: HRW 2003: 565; Aktbilaga 640, p 272; International Crisis Group AFRICA Briefing Nairobi/Brussels, 10 February 2003, “Sudan´s Oilfields Burn Again: Brinkmanship Endangers the Peace Process”, p 3, accessed on 6-10-2021 at; Commission on Human Rights, April 2003
Statement by Mr. Gerhart Baum Special Rapporteur of the Commission on Human Rights on the situation of human rights in the Sudan,

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