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We claim our right to effective remedies and reparation for the crimes that have been committed against us. We lived through the unspeakable horrors of Sudan’s oil war. Our villages have been burned down, our daughters raped, children abducted, parents beaten to death, cattle stolen, communities scattered. The human rights abuses of the oil war have devastated our lives. As victims of human rights abuses, we have the right to remedy. This right has been denied to us and we claim it now.

Crimes have been committed by a variety of armed forces after the Government of Sudan decided to let international companies exploit oil on our land. Once the leading company in our area, Lundin Petroleum found oil, sold it for a fortune, and left. Its managers are expected to stand trial in Sweden shortly for complicity in crimes committed against us. The company and its shareholders are indebted to us and it is time to pay.

South Sudan is in turmoil and its authorities are unable to govern the country effectively and equitably. Consequently, a remedy and reparation process will have to be independently managed, without any political interference. Because we suffered together, we want collective reparation. Because we need a transparent and accountable process, we solicit impartial international parties to initiate and oversee a remedy process. We would appreciate if Sweden, Lundin Petroleum’s home country, could take the lead to realize this.


Juba, May 2016

Liech Victim’s Voices


Liech Victims Voices was established in Juba in 2016 to represent the victims of human rights abuses in Block 5A. Rev. Matthew Mathiang Deang MP and Rev. James Kuong Ninrew Dong were chosen to speak on their behalf.

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