There are two excellent documentaries about the oil war. British renowned journalist Julie Flint was one of the few people traveling the area in 2001. She interviewed key actors and witnessed the impact of the war on the population. Her film appeared in 2002.


Earlier, in 1999, Damien Lewis already made The Oil Wars for UK’s Channel 4.


In Spring 2001, when Lundin was in the middle of a media storm in Sweden, Ian Lundin took Swedish journalist Bengt Nilsson with him to Block 5A to show the company’s perspective. Bengt Nilsson is a professional journalist and came back with revealing footage. Plain clothed individuals with heavy machineguns guarded Ian Lundin’s convoy and child soldiers roamed the road to Lundin’s drilling site. Also interesting is the interview with a German lady and to hear Ian Lundin preaching peace to the ruthless commander Gatluak Tai Tai.

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