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Unpaid Debt - The Right to Remedy: Women South Sudan
Unpaid Debt - The Right to Remedy: James
Unpaid Debt - The Right to Remedy: Steven
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This website is about the war crimes trial of Lundin Energy.

It is part of the Unpaid Debt project that seeks justice for victims of Sudan’s oil war.

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  • E7: Is the system broken?

    There are a number of international binding and non binding conventions put in place to protect victims of war crimes – but to what extent is the international community living up to its obligations? In this episode we discuss how the legal system is failing victims, and how to fix it. You will also get…

  • E6: The victims left with nothing

    January 8, 2024 There have been major developments in the trial against the accused Ian Lundin, Alex Schneiter and the company Orrön Energy (previously known as Lundin Oil, Lundin Petroleum or Lundin Energy. On November 22, 2023, the court decided to separate the South Sudanese plaintiff’s claims for compensation from the war crimes trial. Instead,…

  • E5: It’s a family affair

    Who are the men behind the Lundin oil consortium-  and what happened with the profit from the oil endeavors in Sudan?  The Lundin family business has been handed over to the third generation as the company is trying to rebrand itself, focusing on green energy. How will a conviction affect them and how do they…

  • E4: How to build a case

    The trial moves on, and piece by piece, the prosecutors are building their case. Internal reports, security logs, meetings between the company and representatives from the Sudanese government, as well as reports from human rights organizations, are being used as pieces in the prosecutor’s big puzzle. To help us navigate through all the different reports,…

  • Episode 3: The Hope for Justice

    Sep 12, 2023 The Hope For Justice Sarah Simon was ten years old when the war came to Unity State and changed her life forever. Now she lives in Kenya but she is dreaming of one day moving back to her hometown Leer. In this episode she tells us her family’s history, how the tragic…

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