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Lundin Energy sells out to AkerBP

December 23rd, 2021

AkerBP acquires assets gained from blood money and leaves survivors of war crimes out in the cold Norway should not clear the AkerBP deal unless the rights of survivors are secured The Chairman and former CEO ... Read More

The court denies another claim to dismiss the case

December 23rd, 2021

Lundin Energy’s former CEO Alex Schneiter filed a request to the court to dismiss the indictment against him. The District Court swiftly rejected the claim, an indication that they are starting to lose their patience with ... Read More

Lundin’s crimes – were they intentional?

November 19th, 2021

On 11 November, 2021, Ian Lundin and Alex Schneiter, two top executives of Lundin Energy, were indicted for complicity in atrocity crimes. To prove complicity in a crime, the prosecutor must show that the accused acted ... Read More

Sudanese Churches encouraged by Lundin trial

November 18th, 2021

On 18 November, 2021, the South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC) issued a statement to show its respect for the Swedish decision to hold Lundin Energy to account for complicity in war crimes. The statement stresses ... Read More

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