Rier, Tochngieni

22 May 2002, 8.30 in the morning

18 people killed, with up to 95 others wounded, of which 35 seriously. Many of the wounded lost limbs (arms and legs). Acc to Hutchinson: Antonov attacks between 0200 and 0430; at least 18 dead and more than 100 wounded; potential military targets were in Rier but all bombs landed in villages one hour’s walk from Rier; most casualties were in Tochngieni.

Perpetrator: GoS using an Antonov-32 bomber which dropped 16-24 bombs over Rier

Reference: https://reliefweb.int/report/sudan/sudan-focus-aerial-bombing-rier, accessed on 29-4-2022; Affärer i blod och olja, p 15-16; https://www.expressen.se/debatt/kerstin-lundell-carl-bildt-tiger-om-oljans-offer/ accessed on 3-5-2022; Aktbilaga 640, p 45

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