Between Bentiu and Thar Jath

15 April, 2000
Ambush of military convoy from Bentiu to Ryer/Thar Jath with material and personnel for the oilfield, including many unarmed Chinese
Perpetrator: The combined rebel forces of the SPLA’s Peter Gatdet and the SPDF’s Peter Paar
Reference: HRW 2003, p 41, 57, 257; Michael Wal Duany, Human Rights Watch interview, Nairobi, August 7, 2000; Leek Nuer former combatant, Human Rights Watch interview, Kenya, August 3, 2000; Human Rights Watch interview, Elijah Hon Top (deceased 2000), chief of staff, South Sudan Defence Forces (SSDF), Khartoum, July 26, 1999

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