Block 5A

March – November, 2000

Sometime between March and November: the government attacked and razed villages to the ground. A partial list of the destroyed villages include: Kuach, Wicluak, Thoar, Daw Gawjal, Waw, Dhorbor, Kach, Gier, Gieni, Chottial, Bangna, Kuoynyang, Norchieng Yar, Parjiek, Tiak, Raal, Dhorchieng Chuol, Kuorong, Khoreng, Kuerchieng, Pah and Lejak, according to the aid worker who has flown over the Lundin road on numerous occasions.

Perpetrator: GoS
Reference: HRW 2003: 41, 263; The scorched earth: oil and war in Sudan, pp 2-3, independent aid worker, footnote 6, p 34


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