(Late) September-October 1999
Village attacked in fighting. Feeding programs (for children) now running out of rations. Peter Gatdet’s forces shelled Bentiu, fighting to within three kilometers of the town, in September and October. The UN pulls out of Bentiu on 29 September. GoS responds with heavy bombardment of Gatdet’s positions. Gatdet eventually attacks Mayom, Mankien, Wangkai and other locations. Many citizens run from Bentiu, Pariang and Mayom to surrounding rural areas in the vicinities of Nhialdiu, Bow, Dir and Abiemnom.
Perpetrator: Forces of Gatdet, GoS
Reference: HRW 2003, p 239-40; WFP, “The Security Situation in Unity State and Impact on WFP Activities: October ’99; WFP, “Sudan Bulletin No. 105: September 19-25, 1999,” Nairobi, September 25, 1999; Aktbilaga 640, p 94

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