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The defence lawyers used only 29 out of the 47 days in court they had requested for their presentation of facts. This undercuts their argument that they had no time to properly prepare a defence against the civil claims of the plaintiffs. The prosecution finished its presentation of facts on 8 November, after 23 days […]

On Tuesday 5 September, the Lundin war crimes trial starts at the Stockholm District Court with the presentation of the case by the prosecution. The defendants are Ian Lundin, Alex Schneiter and Orrön Energy. Not Lundin Energy, because shortly after the indictment, the company merged with AkerBP through a construction that placed its criminal liability

A group of South Sudanese and European organizations have formally complained with the Norwegian National Contact Point (NCP) that Aker BP’s acquisition of Lundin Energy breaches the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, Norway’s golden standard for responsible business conduct. The complainants submit that Aker BP and Aker ASA did not consider the human rights consequences

The first witness testifies in Court about Lundin’s devastating presence in South Sudan Prosecutor Henrik Attorps urged the court to proceed with the trial against the Lundin defendants after a recent request by Alex Schneiter halted the proceedings. Further delays jeopardize the integrity of the trial as key witnesses may eventually not be able to

Alex Schneiter has appealed the court’s latest decision that Sweden can try him for aiding and abetting war crimes in Sudan. If the Supreme Court accepts his argument, it will have wide-reaching consequences on Sweden’s ability to try war criminals. In November last year, Lundin Energy’s former CEO Alex Schneiter was charged together with Ian

Ian H. Lundin, Alex Schneiter and Lundin Energy’s request to end the war crimes investigations against them was rejected by the Svea Court of Appeal (Svea hovrätt) on 27th of April. This was the fourth time that they had asked acourt to terminate the investigation for violating their human rights as suspects, without giving regard

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