E8: Was the World Silent?

The defense is arguing that Lundins business in Sudan was accepted by the international community. The UN did not intervene, nor did the EU. Is that true? Was the world silent? 

We decided to take a closer look at who spoke out to stop the atrocities and who kept quiet. We also discuss how the different actors are responding today in the current civil war that is tearing Sudan apart. 


  • Nicholas Coghlan, ex Canadian diplomat who has served both in Sudan and in South Sudan, author of two books about his experiences from that time Far in the Waste Sudan and Collapse of a Country: A Diplomat’s Memoir of South Sudan
  • Marina Peter, founder of the European Coalition on Oil in Sudan, that published the report, Unpaid Debt

Halima Athumani

This is the Lundin War Crimes Trial, that is brought to you by Pax and Global Idé. The music in this podcast is made by the artist JJ Kang and edited by Roos Boer, producer and editor Kajsa Sörman. Visit unpaiddebt.org for more background and updates from the trial. There you may also listen to more interviews with victims and experts, read expert analysis, an interactive map of attacks in Lundin’s concession area and access background information about the case.

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