Norwegian financial institutions oppose Aker BP’s human rights conduct

Two of Norway’s largest financial institutions, KLP and Storebrand, believe that Aker BP should engage with Orrön Energy (formerly Lundin Energy) and seek assurances that South Sudanese victims of war crimes can access their right to remedy. During Aker BP’s 2024 shareholders meeting on 30 April, the two major investors voted in favour of a resolution filed by Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) requesting the company to

  • Initiate a dialogue with stakeholders to explain the company’s position and to respond to the concerns of the victims, with the purpose of finding a mutually acceptable solution, and
  • Initiate a dialogue with Örron Energy and its shareholders about how they pay compensation to the victims in South Sudan if they are sentenced by Stockholm District Court.

The open dissatisfaction of the institutional investors with Aker BP human rights policies is a clear warning that the company’s connection with Lundin’s controversial hyuman rights legacy must be addressed. In this context, it is remarkable that Ian H. Lundin himself has been appointed member of Aker BP’s Nomination Committee.

Read more: KLP’s full statement can be accessed here.

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