Villages around Nhialdiu, Kuey, and Waak

January 2002 to June 30, 2003

4,000 people killed, of which 2,130 children, 955 women, and 420 men. Over 100 children kidnapped, some of whom were later killed, others disappeared, believed taken by the muraheleen. All villages around Nhialdiu, Kuey, and Waak area burnt down.

Perpetrator: GoS, the muraheleen
Reference: Unpaid Debt, p 63; Rev. Gaduel, J.S. and S. Kueini Gatjiek, C. Machieng Kuol, M. Nyaliak Low, P. Gatkuoth Thot, and others, “On the oil war in Upper Nile”, (not published), Nairobi, 2003

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