The Nimne-Bentiu-Rupnyagai-Nhialdiu-Boaw-Wicok axis

July-August 2000

Fighting between Cmds. Peter Gatdet and Peter Paar in the Nimne-Bentiu-Rupnyagai-Nhialdiu-Boaw-Wicok axis, along the Block 5A-1-4 border. Thousands of civilians from Bul and Leek counties ran to Bahr El Ghazal (Twic County) between July and September 2000, due to the fighting between the Peters. Nhialdiu, Nimne and Boaw burnt during July 2000. Gatdet/Paar fighting continued to Wicok and Buoth during July and August.

Perpetrator: Gatdet´s forces and Paar´s troops
Reference: HRW 2003: 269-71, 331; John Noble, interview, July 31, 2000; Aktbilaga 640, p 101


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