Thar Jath rig site

16 February 2000

Thar Jath rig site bombed. One (approx) 500 lb bomb about five km south of rig. Followed by twelve (approximately) 51 mm mortar rounds dropped within Army camp. All ejected from a turbo twin prop plane (Antonov) travelling from the North. The munitions landed outside the camp approximately 50 metres from the outside berm. A later report states that there were two soldiers killed in the attack.

Perpetrator: The Army admitted responsibility stating that they were after a nearby village but had used the wrong co-ordinates (The Army intended to hit Koch). Rig fully evacuated.

Reference: Lundin Diary of Events p 7, Aktbilaga 874 p 73; Aktbilaga 844 pp 112-121

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