Leer, Duar, Koch, Boaw and Nhialdiu

July 3, 1999
The SSDF launched a surprise attack on the Paulino Matiep forces present in Ler, chasing the forces to the northern part of Block 5A. The SSDF went on the offensive north to Ler then to Duar, Koch, Boaw, and Nhialdiu, all in a matter of days.

Perpetrator: The SSDF

Reference: HRW 2003, p 197, 232; Former Nuer combatant from Ler, Human Rights Watch interview, Kenya, August 21, 1999; “Fighting resumes near southern Sudan oilfields,” AFP, Khartoum, July 6, 1999. Riek Machar forces (with SPLA supplies) conducted a surprise attack on Matiep militia in Ler, later fought in Koch, Boaw, and Nhialdiu in Block 5A. (SSDF officer, interview, August 3, 1999; HRW 2003: 553)

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