Boaw and Koch

(Early) July 1998
SSDF rebel offensive re-taking the villages of Ler, Duar, Koch, Boaw and Nhialdiu. Koch and Nhialdiu taken by Matiep during July 1998. Peter Par driven to Mayandit (Pabuong) by Matiep’s forces. Civilians fled across river with SSDF and kept running to Makuac (BeG).
Perpetrator: SSDF
Reference: HRW 2003: 232-3; SSDF officer, interview, August 3, 1999. U.N. OLS (Southern Sector) received reports of fighting on July 5 in the Duar, Koch, and Ler areas. U.N. OLS (Southern Sector), “Weekly Report: July 5-11, 1999,” Nairobi, July 11, 1999; “Fighting Resumes Near Southern Sudan Oilfields,” AFP, Khartoum, July 6, 1999; Alfred Taban, “Pro-government groups fight in south Sudan,” Reuters, Khartoum, July 6, 1999; U.N. OLS (Northern Sector), “Weekly Report: July 14, 1999,” Khartoum, July 14, 1999; Affärer i Blod och Olja, p 6; Aktbilaga 640, p 87

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