October 12-19, 2001

The SPLA claimed to have killed 429 Sudanese soldiers during attacks on Pariang and Bentiu towns in Upper Nile (Block 1) and Fom al-Zaraf in Fangak County (Block 5A). The governor claimed that the SPLA had killed seven people in this attack on the capital. On Oct 12, Bentiu was attacked around 1900 hours by Gadet´s men using “heavy guns” (probably 81 mm mortars). Seven civilians were killed including at least one woman and her two children. The attack on Bentiu ceased around 2100 hrs.

Perpetrator: The SPLA
Reference: HRW 2003, p 287; “SPLA says it killed 429 Sudanese soldiers in attacks on oilfields,” AFP, Cairo, October 21, 2001

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