Block 5A

Late December 2002 – February 2003

GoS dry season offensive in Block 5A. The ceasefire agreement of October 2002 was violated by the GoS in WUN/Unity State on several occasions in 2003. ICG reported: “(t)he offensive from late December until the beginning of February was an extension of the government’s long-time strategy of depopulating oil-rich areas through indiscriminate attacks on civilians in order to clear the way for further development of infrastructure. Eyewitness accounts confirm that the tactics included the abduction of women and children, gang rapes, ground assaults supported by helicopter gunships, destruction of humanitarian relief sites and burning of villages.”

Perpetrator: GoS
Reference: HRW 2003: 455; Herbert J. Lloyd, Civilian Protection Monitoring Team (CPMT), “CPMT Final Report: Military Events in Western Upper Nile 31 December 2002 to 30 January 2003,” February 6, 2003; Charles H. Baumann, CPMT, “Report of Investigation: Violence Against Civilians Along the Bentieu-Leer-Adok-Road,” Khartoum, August 19, 2003, (accessed September 24, 2003);, p 37, 73, 93 (accessed August 23, 2001); International Crisis Group briefing, 10 February 2003, Sudan’s Oilfields Burn Again: Brinkmanship Endangers The Peace Process,

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