Between Nimne and Nhialdiu

July-August, 2000

Fighting between government supplied and antigovernment Nuer forces. This fighting, with scores of civilian casualties, continued between Cmdrs. Peter Paar Jiek (SPDF, backed by regular Sudanese government forces) and Peter Gatdet (SPLA) until August 2001 – more than a year of displacing Nuer civilians by the tens of thousands – with killing, rape, and abduction as well.

Perpetrator: Peter Paar Jiek (SPDF, backed by GoS) and Peter Gatdet (SPLA)
Reference: HRW 2003: 57, 270-71, 277, 442-4, 449, 557; ORCD, “Humanitarian Assessment Mission to Western Upper Nile Region: Bul, Leek, Jagei and Jikany Counties, November 5- 20, 2000,” by Koang Tut Doh Nairobi, December 12, 2000. ORCD stands for Organization for Relief and Community Development; John Noble, briefing, August 5, 2000; Christian Aid: 7. “I was informed that all the villages around Nhialdiu, in Nimne, south of Bentiu, have been burnt to the ground and crop has been destroyed. Similarly, all the villages along the road up to Pulteri [Pultutni], in the surrounding of the oilfields at Rier, have been razed.” Oral statement of the special rapporteur on human rights in Sudan Gerhart Baum to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights, Geneva, March 29, 2001, (accessed September 16, 2003))

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