October 31, 1999

The Riek Machar UDSF/SSDF, however, accused Paulino Matiep of summarily executing twenty-five SSDF officers in Bentiu. Paulino Matiep denied this and said that some SSDF forces had died in combat when they attacked the town.

Perpetrator: Matiep’s forces
Reference: HRW 2004, pp. 246-7; “Sudanese Faction Claims 25 Officers Killed by Rivals,” AFP, Khartoum, November 3, 1999; “Southern Sudan Leader Says 25 Fighters Killed by Rival,” AP, Khartoum, November 3, 1999; Mohamed Osman, “Report: 40 Killed In Fighting between Rival Southern Militias,” AP, Khartoum, November 5, 1999


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