July 8, 1999

The outbreak of fighting prevented the delivery of food to 16,000 civilians in Bentiu

Perpetrator: Cmdr. Tito Biel´s SSDF forces and Paulino Matiep’s pro-government militia
Reference: HRW 2003: 233, 235; U.N. OLS (Northern Sector), “Weekly Report: July 14, 1999,” Khartoum, July 14, 1999; WFP News Release, “150,000 Trapped by Renewed Fighting in Sudan’s Western Upper Nile Region,” Nairobi, July 10, 1999; (Simon) Magwek Gai Majak, UDSF/SSDF governor of Western Upper Nile, Human Rights Watch interview, Ganyliel, Western Upper Nile, April 6, 2001

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