AKER BP accused of ignoring survivors of war crimes

Acquisition of Lundin Energy’s oil and gas assets was allegedly designed to protect Lundin Energy’s shareholders against the consequences of criminal proceedings

26 humanitarian and human rights organisations call upon Aker BP to support victims of war crimes and not buy Lundin Energy’s assets under the agreed terms. According to the Swedish public prosecutor, Lundin Energy has been complicit in systematic attacks on civilians with ground and air forces, massive destruction of property, and the use of hunger as a weapon of war. An estimated 12.000 people died as a result. Lundin Energy made a fortune in South Sudan and did not pay attention to the survivors. Aker BP’s acquisition will strip Lundin Energy of the means to come clear with its South Sudanese legacy.

According to the signatories, Lundin Energy’s assets are directly linked to grave war crimes and Aker BP’s acquisition will almost certainly facilitate the perpetuation of injustice and forever deny victims of war crimes access to redress. On 5 April Aker BP’s shareholders will decide on the acquisition.

Public letter to Aker BP

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