Athonj and Gumriak

October, 1999

Attacks on Athonj and Gumriak. Regarding Chang: his mother-in-law was killed during the October attack on Athonj, along with seven others in the village.

Perpetrator: GoS army

Reference: HRW 2003, p 244; Charlie Gillis, “Meeting the Victims of Sudan’s Oil Boom,” National Post (Toronto), Biem, Western Upper Nile, November 27, 1999. Talisman’s own report bears out the destruction of Athonj village. (HRW 2003, pp. 244-5; “Kalagate Imagery Report, Sudan Oilfield Exploration Concession,” April 2001, published by Talisman Energy, Calgary; Geoffrey John Oxlee, Kalagate Imagery Bureau, “Report KIB/035-1/2001, Subject: Sudan Oilfield Exploration Concession,” April 2, 2001, p. 7 and Figure 4: El Toor1 & 4)


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